e-Wombat Search

Get help to answer your financial questions through e-Wombat Search — the fastest way to locate accounting resources on the internet.

e-Wombat is a specialist search engine designed for tax accountants and financial planners. It covers about 13,000 resources from more than 180 web sites.

eWombat is the best search tool of the ATO and makes finding resources on that site many times quicker than any other system.  Great for Accountants and Planners researching questions.  Great as an extra service to offer your own clients.

Just type in some keywords and see what happens.


Here are a few examples of how you can use eWombat in your Practice, though using any combination on keywords will work.  The main targhet of eWombat is the ATO but there are around 100 industry sites included:


Finding a Tax Ruling


You have a specific tax ruling you want to look up eg: TR 2005/11.
Simply enter TR 2005/11 into the search box.

Note: If you have difficulty remembering the format of the ruling numbers you will love this search system because it would also have found your ruling if you had typed in TR 2005/11 or TR 2005 11. Searches are not case sensitive so you could also have replaced TR with tr, Tr or even tR


Finding rulings relating to luxury cars  

Enter TR luxury or TR luxury car
If could enter TR 2005 luxury car to restrict the list to rulings in 2005 only.



Find where to do an ARBN search online


Enter arbn search

This search will deliver two lists of results - one for matches it found on the ATO site and another list of matches it found on the Internet in general. The top entry in the list of Internet Resources is the one we want in this case.

Find a form   Enter forms
Find currency exchange rates  

Enter exchange rates


Find information about shares  

Enter shares